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I think someone here hates me

2008-06-04 16:45:01 by benanderson

It seems odd how I usually get votes between 3 and 4 on my audio submissions that then usually drops between 1 and 2 after one other person votes. It doesn't take a geniouse to see that one person here doesn't like me or is jelouse. Not to sound cocky but it's a little obviouse. xP


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2008-06-04 16:54:24

Maybe, but then again, at least audio doesnt get blammed like flash.

You can PM me to review your stuff and vote 5 if you want.


2008-06-04 18:04:25

Its ME. Hahaha, not really though. :P


2008-08-16 22:53:53

Hey, your chiptunes are great. I mean it. Steam Punk is incredible. Consider yourself faved.


2008-08-27 20:26:58

I know for a fact that there are people who will go thru eacj of the fifty aduio submissions and just vote 0 for the fuck of it. sometimes they brag in their reviews so you know who is doing it. they say shit like "PWND 3.25 to 1.23"
fucking bitches.
i will go fiven yur liven and watch out someone is calling your flash stolen in this thread 4264/9001
i have seen his own movies and i find him funny, you need to slow it down just a notch so we can get all teh humor, but not too much because it is the constant flow that makes the animated rant hilarious. yours was great and i hope i passes
i fived it and will eventually write a review but only after they clear the flag, so get cracking and protect that shit.
here is his latest in case you haven't seen it, you have his animation spot on. s/view/zero-punctuation/203-Braid
also this is fucking hilarious if you are a gamer.


2009-10-19 22:53:36

Pff it happens. The one and only submission I got got bombed, either by a guy who made the worst Monolithic Filter remix ever, or some guy who made a crappy asss song which I commented on and was subsequently called a newgrounds troll.

Idk but I've been voting it back up every day and I really havan't gotten far, its still at like 3.3 or something like that.

The 0 bombers are so annoying, they dont even kive you a chance.


2009-11-27 20:49:23

I think I shall assist you by voting fairly your stuff.


2010-02-21 17:37:44

Not me. I'd never hate you.
Your 80's-themed songs are mad awesome! :D


2010-04-21 21:31:03

Screw those idiots. I'm going to vote 5 on every of your submissions. :)


2010-12-05 22:48:38

I think your work speaks for itself -- 5 votes from me.


2011-03-01 21:14:03