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was okay

Not very entertaining, but it did give a breif overview into the history of video gaming for those wanted some info. A 6 out of 10 because not many people acctually mention the magnavox (let alone tennis for two) and usually just jump towards the Atari VCS as the granfather of video games. So congrats on getting fact right!

However, after you mentioned PONG in 1972 you just skipped right over hte 1978 talking about the unimportant simon, missing out some very important years in video game history.
1975 - Home versions of PONG were released.
1976 - Fairchild VES (later the Fairchild Channel F). The worlds first microprocessor based console with interchangeable "Video Carts" (cartridges).
1977 - The year the Atari VCS (later the Atari 2600) was released, you'd think after seeing it near the beginning you'd mention it.

Nqkoi1 responds:

The home version of Pong was on the Magnavox which I believe I said about.I didn't want to bring up channel F since it was in the first episode about Atari which is only on CasualtyGamer.com .The Atari 2600 or any console for that matter wasn't what I wanted to talk about.I do however agree that there is stuff that I missed, but trying to keep everything under 3 minutes is hard.

<Witty title>

I honestly cannot see how any body can find this funny, you had some acctual parrodies but only for a split second only to then fly off the handle with "jokes" that only ever seem to be funny to the young, leet speaking, american teenage audiance, which is not a good thing... if anything this is just visual diarrhea.

Now normally I'd give contructive criticism but their is really nothing I can say to make this any better. So i'll just leave it at that.

Insanely good!

The most professional animation I have ever seen on NG or any other art site.
This is beyond perfection in my eyes!

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Mission accomplished!

This oozes italo disco, mission accomplished! It has that early 80s vibe to it (when big poly synthesizer and drum machines were at their most popular). Some synths are a little unauthentic (I spy some Yamaha FM Synthesizers in there) and the mastering could use a little touch up (some sounds over power the song, never a good thing). Some sounds are also clearly presets, try and program your own sounds because the presets sound very cliché and cheesy.

It's a great attempt at italo disco with a dark twist and I enjoyed it :)

If you ever want some tips in creating italo/space synth music just give me a bell. I'll point you in the direction of some authentic instruments to sink your teeth into.


Murcielago1 responds:

Wow, thanks for the review, Ben Anderson =D. I actually like making italo disco/synthpop music as well as listening to it. You're right- the presets sound kinda cheesy, and some sounds overpower the song. I use the presets, mostly Sytrus and 3xOsc, a lot, and I'm not that good at programing my own sounds.

Thanks once again.


Not the best I've heard, it's a little repetitive chord progression wise, vary it a little more. The mastering could use work and the drums could use a little spicing up., your choice of synthesizer for the bass is also questionable, change it out for something deeper with less resonance.
Overall not bad, a little bland a bit on the cheesy side for my personal tastes, but not bad.

Just doesn't cut it with the pro's

I'm guessing this made top 5 because loads of people have seen that it's a remix/cover (or whatever) of god is a DJ by faithless.

You change the kick drum part way through, that's bad practice, you should keep it constant.

I know dance music is repetitive, but not to this extent. It's the same lines over and over and over, spice things up a bit! The vocal excerpt doesn't even match the tempo of the song in some areas and I can hear some of the original song in the background, very sloppy. The vocals should have been time-stretched to fit or the song should have been slower.

Some volume levels are also in need of some love, the hi-hats for example dominate over the rest of the song. Consider giving the mastering a once over.

You also have very few synths and sound effects going on. I can hear a bass, a synth-lead, a tinkle and some drums. Thats about it. Try to spice it up some more, add some sound effects, change it up with a different chord progression, some breaks and so on. Just be creative.
Over-all... clearly amateur, not bad, but other amateurs have done better.
6/10 & 2/5

Telliath responds:

Thanks. But you're not a pro so don't act like one. There is no "original song" in the background since it's a perfectly clean acapella. Otherwise, there was not mastering done to this track and I couldn't care less about what you think.

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